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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet


From phone cases to laptop covers, we’ve been protecting way more than your tech for over 15 years. Whereas competitors show off their protection credentials by throwing their cases out of helicopters, we prefer to focus on the everyday challenges your tech faces.

To ensure our products offer incomparable multi-drop protection, we pour our energy into the creation of new and innovative materials that push the boundaries of what’s scientifically possible – from our exclusive FlexShock™ impact material to natural phone cases and recycled phone cases.


To bring you the smartest tech protection on the planet, while taking some of the stress out of everyday life. We call this The Science Behind Peace of Mind.

Developed by our in-house scientists and independently tested, our cases are ready for everything the world throws at them.

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More resistant than any other phone case material, FlexShock™ absorbs the impact so your device doesn’t have to.

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Our cases keep things clean with highly advanced and built-in antimicrobial technology.

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Phone cases that completely biodegrade, leaving no microplastics or chemical residue in the environment.

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A unique process that gives old cases a new lease of life while also cutting down on our waste.

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Whether we’re talking about unbeatable levels of multi-drop protection, antimicrobial formulations or boundary-pushing new materials, our in-house science and materials team develops products that are fit for use in the modern world. Our testing methods are independently approved by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. This means when we make a claim, we ALWAYS have the facts to back it up.


We work closely with the major manufacturers to ensure our cases provide protection for every key element. From ribbed edges and raised bevels around the camera lens to complete connections and easy access to the key ports, we treat our cases as an extension of your device.


What’s the point in having protective tech if it doesn’t also look the part? Our creative team specializes in exclusive, hand-painted designs while also researching the latest trends to ensure our cases are available in a selection of contemporary colours.


“We put A LOT of time into making sure the camera cover was functional, intuitive and mechanically sound. After testing and trialing a variety of designs, we found the perfect solution and that is what you'll find on our range of Evo Max cases today.”

Henry, Product Designer

“I designed Wiggle, and it’s a project I loved working on. It made me feel so happy and uplifted! It was fun going back and forth with my colleagues on whether the design was happy enough – one always said: “Add more glitter!” Wiggle’s curvy shapes and uplifting colours and textures invoked optimism and positivity in me and I love seeing people’s reactions when they get a hold of this case. It’s definitely one of my favourite designs!”

Eleanor, Creative Lead


Discover how we outperform the competition. Drop after drop.


Brand new cases with multi-drop protection.


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Here’s what our customers are saying about recent purchases from Tech21.

I have been buying Tech21 protectors for my laptops and iPhones for years, and they have always given the best protection. Their products are first class and I find they protect better and outlast others I have had.”


“I love Tech21 cases. They are very durable plus they are actually good prices. I have used these cases for years and haven't been disappointed.”



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