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Tech21 was born 17 years ago from the desire to find a more sustainable and durable ‘multiple impact’ product that better protected our technology from all the inevitable drops, falls and mishaps of daily life.

Most cases only offer protection from a hard drop once. We felt this was not particularly sustainable or relevant to real life, which is why we ensure our cases keep your technology safe from damage – drop after drop.

Today, Tech21 is still the leading functional and high-performing multi-drop brand for those that want
no-compromise case protection.


Since day one we have taken a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable impact products. Always challenging, always pushing the boundaries and always seeking to better what has come before.

We’re committed to making responsible decisions about our impact on the environment to make the strongest and most sustainable products around.

In our eyes, our cases are an investment that will not only give you peace of mind, but also save you money from repair bills and keep your technology out of the bin and landfill for longer.


Every year, our phone cases and tech protection products are lovingly designed and expertly manufactured to give you the freedom to live fearlessly with the best and most durable multi-drop protection on the market.

We know this to be true because our Science and Materials team constantly test our cases against our competitors, ensuring each and every one conforms to the following standards:

The Highest Multi-Drop Protection

It’s a fact that most cases won’t protect after the first big hit. At Tech21, we do things differently. We pour our energy and investment into creating impact materials – including the exclusive FlexShock™ – that push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to keeping your tech safe from damage.

We test each Tech21 case over 20 times (that’s more times than any other case manufacturer) to ensure our case protection lives up to our standards – no matter how many times you drop your device.


No-compromise protection

Our approach to sustainability is not just about replacing standard design and development practices with proven responsible solutions, but one that shows we are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation.

These no-compromise solutions complement our market-leading standards in drop protection and durability. It's better to have one case that lasts the lifetime of your device than multiple replacements.

With our new Enhanced cases, you don't need to sacrifice the strength of your case for sustainability. Built to last and designed to be kinder to the planet, they help us play our part in the battle against plastic waste.


The details are not just details to us – they are the design, our testing methods, the ways we innovate and how we conduct our business…

We obsess over every important element of every product to ensure you get the best product, the best service and the best protection around.

We take great pride in ensuring our cases look as good as they protect, with our Creative Design team carrying out extensive research to ensure our colours and patterns reflect our customers' interests and global cultural trends.


Tech21 rubine red Evo Check phone case


Much more resistant than your average phone case material, FlexShock™ absorbs impact energy like no other, so your phone doesn’t have to take the hit. We get that added bulk isn’t something people want to deal with, which is why we’ve morphed this high-performing material into the ribs of a range of super-thin and lightweight cases.

Tech21 Evo Clear phone case


Our transparent cases contain an advanced anti-yellowing formula that keeps them box fresh and crystal clear throughout the lifetime of your device. Ultra responsive and scratch resistant, these cases show off the original design aesthetics and colours of each device with supreme levels of clarity.


Smartphones can carry up to 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat... What a horrible thought!

Luckily, there’s nothing nasty lurking on our selection of antimicrobial phone cases.

These cases contain a unique built-in and self-cleaning formula that reduces microbes by up to 99.99% in just 24 hours – keeping them hygienically clean, day after day.



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