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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet

Impact Protection Cases

Drop After Drop

Here at tech21, we get that you’re going to drop your phone more than once, which is why any protective phone case with our name on is designed with this in mind. Unlike other cases, ours won’t stop protecting your device after just a few drops. Our patented materials can’t be copied either, which means that a tech21 case is the easiest way to say goodbye to drop damage and keep your phone working as perfectly as it did on day one.

How Our Technology Works

The technology in our cases is designed by dedicated in-house scientists and is totally unique to tech21, ensuring that we’re offering the most durable materials and best drop protection cases around. Our patented rib design is super-effective at absorbing impact energy which helps keep our cases thin and lightweight. You don’t have to just take our word for it though, take a look at our product testing page for a full breakdown on how we test our cases to make sure they protect drop after drop.

Evolution of Impact Protection

Introducing FlexShock™

FlexShock is a high-performing impact material unique to tech21. Being more effective at absorbing impact energy than common case materials, FlexShock offers more protection from thinner, lighter cases. For you this means all the protection and none of the unnecessary bulk.

Rock-Solid and Sustainable

Because our cases will see you through, drop after drop, there’ll be no need to replace them; or your phone for that matter. There may be cheaper cases out there that appear to fit the bill, but it won’t be long before cracks start to appear and they wing their way to landfill. Many cases that claim to be eco-friendly are made from weaker materials, meaning that after a few drops they stop protecting. With a stronger case that lasts the lifetime of your device, you’ll not only be saving a small fortune in replacing damaged tech, but you’ll also be helping to combat waste. Win win.

Protecting Every Device

If you’re anything like us, your phone will always be in arms’ reach, making it the top priority. We totally get it, but being the tech lovers that we are, we’ve designed protection for a whole range of devices. With a collection of iPad and laptop drop protection cases offering expert scratch resistance and anti-slip feet for stability, all your tech will be completely covered.

Shop Impact Protection

If you’re searching for the thinnest iPhone case with drop protection or a Samsung cover that prevents damage, you’re in luck. Our range covers a whole host of models, making it easier than ever to protect your tech.