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iPhone Xs Max Cases & Covers

Tech21’s iPhone Xs Max cases are ready for anything modern life throws at them – from multiple drops to the muckiest of hands. With luxury iPhone Xs Max covers, the always-popular Evo Check range and clear iPhone Xs Max cases to choose from, these unbeatable cases are made from environmentally friendly impact materials and feature a built-in hygienic formula that keeps the nasties away.

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Apple iPhone Xs Max cases from Tech21 are designed to ensure that every element of your device stays in perfect working order – even if it's dropped 20 times! We worked directly with Apple to design our Xs Max phone cases, ensuring that every curve, contour and connection is perfectly covered, while our experienced in-house science and materials team developed the game-changing impact materials that make up each case – and then rigorously tested the strength of the cases using methods independently approved by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. All our iPhone Xs Max covers are made to handle all the bumps and scrapes of everyday life and you’ll find everything from an iPhone Xs Max wallet case to the extra-durable Evo Max in our bespoke selection.