Earth Hour

The world turns its lights out at 8.30pm on the last Saturday of March every year to highlight Earth Hour and raise awareness of the numerous issues facing our planet. After the past year, it’s clearer than ever to see how we are all connected and how one small change can inspire so many others to do the same. Will you be switching your lights off for this hour? 

Earth Hour started with a lights-out event in Australia in 2007 and has since grown to become one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment. City skylines and estates across the world are plunged into darkness as people come together to show support for our planet – it is our shared home, after all. Anyone and everyone can join in to show how they’re determined to make a positive environmental impact and there are also opportunities to take direct action or play your part at home. This year, the Earth Hour organisers are shining a ‘virtual spotlight’ on the issues at stake and want everyone taking part to share a video in the hope it will become the world’s most watched.

Earth Hour also takes on extra importance in 2021 with the leaders of the world coming together during a series of global conferences and forums to make decisions that could affect the climate crisis and help nature and wildlife recover in the years and decades ahead. The loss of biodiversity in nature cannot be overstated – where would we all be without food, water and clean air?

As we all know, small actions can make a big difference and this applies to all of us at tech21. We’ve been working hard to reduce our levels of waste and this has led to us being smarter with our materials and production processes. As well as using more responsibly sourced materials in our bestselling Evo range, we’re delighted to have launched our

100% natural Eco range and 100% recycled Recovrd phone cases.

Natural phone cases

Our natural Eco iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 cases leave no microplastics, residue or chemical impact on the environment. From the super-soft Eco Slim cases in complementary colours to Eco Art’s stunning illustrations by Tech21 artists, there’s something for every taste. The best thing? Once you’ve finished using it, the case will biodegrade in rapid fashion.

Our latest cases are also developed with a more sustainable future in mind... Our extra-special additive means they decompose by up to 90% within a decade (regular phone cases take thousands of years) after use. All you have to do at the time of your next upgrade is throw your case in your regular waste bin and it will start to rapidly decompose.

Recycled phone cases

Our Recovrd range of recycled cases for iPhone 12 help us cut down on the amount of waste in our production process. Old and unused stock, excess materials and even cases returned by customers are ground down into pellets before then being injection moulded into brand new cases that still offer the tech21 levels of protection you’ve come to expect. Oh, and they still have the super-secret in-built formula that keeps everything hygienically clean. Plus, the US stock is all recycled and manufactured locally – meaning less of a carbon footprint.

What will you be doing to make a positive impact as we head towards Earth Hour?