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Labor Day occurs on the first Monday of every September and is a creation of the labor movement in the 1800s, dedicated to the social and economic achievements of all American workers. Many also use this day to mark the end of summer. 

The original form of the holiday was a street parade to show the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations” followed by a large picnic to provide some fun for workers and their families. Here at Tech21, we would like to celebrate this national holiday by honouring workers and recognising their contributions to society.  

Education sector: Teachers

Labor Day teachers' phone cases

Teachers have one of the most important jobs around the and their role in enriching every generation cannot be forgotten. We all fondly remember those teachers from our school and college days who inspired us to learn new things each day. 

When learning was disrupted for millions of students across all ages, schools and colleges due to the impact of Covid-19 in 2020, teachers stepped up to connect with their students over virtual classes and other platforms within just a couple of weeks. They came up with a number of engaging and creative solutions to continue their students’ learning journey. 

Karen Boone (“a physics teacher who is known to cause large intakes of air from students”) told us how she got creative with her phone – and Tech21 case – to demonstrate the study of energy and force in a way that didn’t cause any damage to her tech: “As I throw my phone around the classroom, I am sold on your brand. It allows me to make my point on momentum and impulse which I love. All while protecting my phone.” 

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Medical sector: Frontline healthcare workers

Healthcare worker tech21 phone case

Across the globe and around the clock, healthcare staff have been saving lives in over-stressed hospitals, putting their own lives at risk to deal with the influx of Covid-19 patients over the past 18 months. Mass applause across the cities and musical tributes were held to show huge appreciation of healthcare staff.  

While we hopefully come out of the pandemic, we can agree just how much keeping a good hygiene habit will help contain the spread of future coronaviruses. Nurse X (pictured here) is relieved to know that the in-built formula in her Tech21 case guarantees to keep it hygienically clean. 

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Construction sector: Construction workers

construction worker phone cases

The construction industry represents the building blocks of a community. Without the industry, we would not have any schools, shops, hospitals or, more importantly, homes. It is these buildings that represent the fundamental foundations of a strong economy.  

Construction workers including plumbers, electricians, scaffolders, painters, decorators and labourers use a number of mobile apps that utilise the computing power of tablets and smartphones to make the construction process more efficient and improves communication between teams.  

But that also means their phones are at a higher risk of damage from drops and dust. This calls for durable phone cases that can handle the tough conditions of a jobsite and will protect phones from potential damage. 

Kevin Halfmann, who works in the industry, says his Tech21 case has saved his phone from many drops:

Thanks to all working men and women out there! Enjoy the holidays this Labor Day weekend and remember to stay safe.

Tech21 Labor Day Evo Check