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  • Huawei P10 Review

    Huawei has consistently been making great phones for years now, and the Huawei P10 is nothing short of that. The P10 is a more refined device than its predecessors with the return of the Leica-branded dual camera set up on the rear of the device and the shift of the fingerprint sensor to the front.

    Let’s break down the flagship device and see what it's workin’ with!

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  • The Inspiration Behind the Fashion Range

    We just launch our first ever Fashion Range for the iPhone 7, 7 Pus and Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and three new styles that are turning heads; Lace, Active and Urban Editions.

    And each of our new amazing design started with an inspiration that helped bring it fully to life and on your phone. Here's a breakdown of each style in the Fashion Range and how it came to be.

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  • Introducing tech21's Fashion Range

    Tech21 has just launched it's first ever Fashion Range for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We have incorporated eye catching and classic styles from this year's Spring and Summer trends to create case designs unlike anything else out there.

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  • 10 ways to avoid mobile cyber crime

    Your mobile may have the most intelligent impact protection on the planet but a rogue email could empty your bank account. Here’s a guide to keeping your handset safe from the inside out. Continue reading

  • Samsung Galaxy S8: how to get the best out of the camera

    Samsung made the decision to keep the same hardware on the camera as the previous Galaxy S7, with a 12MP, f/1.7 aperture, 26-mm lens primary camera, so how does it's performance compare?

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  • Survival Stories: April

    Welcome to Survival Stories. A monthly round up of the best real life, miraculous phone stories we get sent in to us from customers who would all have a broken phone and a repair bill if it wasn't for tech21. As Summer approaches, here are some uplifting stories to accompany the sunny weather.

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  • Tech21 partners with CrossFit JST

    TWICKENHAM, LONDON – May 8, 2017 – Tech21, the leading phone protection brand for mobile devices, today announced their partnership with CrossFit JST ahead of the team's journey to the CrossFit Games.

    The dedicated journeys of two unlikely pairs come together today, sharing one goal of strength, dedication and transformation.

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  • 10 best tech gifts for every Mom this Mother’s Day

    Every mom is special, unique, and deserves a gift that suites her lifestyle. And we’ve got the perfect options for mom this Mother's Day with 10% off everything on 

    Look after your mom this Mother's Day, take care of her tech! Here are 10 best tech gifts for every mother this Mother's Day!  And if mama bear just got the Samsung S8, check out our new range of cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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  • 24 Hours with the Samsung Galaxy S8

    For this year’s Samsung launch of the Galaxy S8, we thought we would do something a little bit different.

    So we went around the world to three different continents with the Galaxy S8 in hand and had three influencers take over our Instagram Stories for 24 hours of putting the Pure Clear case to the test!

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  • LG G6 Review; things to know

    LG recently released its flagship device, the G6. The first phone with a bezel-busting 18:9 ratio screen is here, equipped with a dual camera lens and 32GM storage, and we’ve got the breakdown on what you need to know.

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  • How To; Applying the Anti-Scratch to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

    Applying a screen protector can be a daunting task, making even seasoned pro's anxious. With this in mind, we've designed the Impact Shield Anti-Scratch with a simple to follow application which leaves your screen beautifully smooth and bubble-free. Also designed to work perfectly with tech21 cases. 

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7: what's the difference?

    Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7

    On first glance you can see the difference in the screen size, with the S8 having a massive 5.8-inch all-screen front, much larger than the iPhone 7’s 4.7-inch screen and much thicker bezels on the front. Both have 12-megapixel rear cameras and similar front camera capabilities. The S8 offer double the RAM, and the option to expand the memory via Micro SD. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the specs…

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel

    Image Via Android Authority

    While the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers larger, sharper displays and a more exciting design than the Google Pixel, the Pixel provides a pure Android software experience along with an excellent camera. Let's take a deeper look at how these two devices compare when they go head to head.

    As Samsung launches its new Galaxy S8 for the year, there’s plenty of talk of it being one of the most innovative flagship devices to come out. But we can’t forget about Google and its premium Pixel smartphone, which wowed people with its 12MP rear camera with no OIS, and amazing speedy performance.

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  • The S8's in Stores Tomorrow. Get the Best Protection

    Looking for the best protection for the s8 and s8 Plus? Look no further because tech21 has just launched 8 new products for the s8 using new materials and cutting-edge technology to keep your new device just as fresh as the first day you take it out of the box.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8- “best ever” display

    Samsung Galaxy S8- “best ever” display

     Image: Samsung

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 impressed everyone upon launch announcement, sporting a stunning new design that builds on the beautiful curved display of it’s predecessor handset, the S7 Edge. The 5.8-inch AMOLED display goes from edge to edge of the chassis, leaving just a hairline bezel. Samsung calls this new edge-to-edge design the ‘Infinity Display’, and it certainly does not disappoint.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera- what is it capable of?

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera- what is it capable of?

    Image: Matthew Cattell/Samsung Galaxy S8

    While the camera is by no means the most hyped up feature of the new flagship S8 device, it is still a go-to feature when comparing high-end devices.

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  • Survival Stories: March

    Welcome to Survival Stories, a monthly round up of the best real life, miraculous phone stories we get sent in to us from tech21 customers and loyalists. As we move out of Winter and into the Spring months, here are some uplifting stories to accompany the better weather.

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  • Smart Home- The appliances you need

    Smart Home- The appliances you need

    Looking to make your home just a little bit smarter? The number of devices out there that can control your lighting, thermostat, and even kitchen operations, will surely make your life at home more convenient.

    Here is a list of 6 appliances that will turn your home into a smart house.

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  • Coachella Fashion Trends 2017

    Coachella Fashion Trends 2017

    Channel the hottest fashion trends at Coachella 2017 from the sun hat on your head to the stylish phone case in your hand. We are highlighting several items of clothing/accessories that will perfectly compliment your phone.

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  • Flexshock™ Explained

    Flexshock- The Worlds Most Advanced Impact Protection Material

    We know how important your phone is to you, so it’s important to keep it safe from life’s unexpected mishaps, however they happen. Our in-house design team are always looking for ways to do things better. Materials that were once state-of-the-art are now no longer fit for purpose. This constant evolution has resulted in FlexShock™, the world's most advanced impact protection material - exclusive to tech21.

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