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  • 4 Fashion Bloggers, 4 Summer Looks

    This month's launch of the fashion range meant we got to work with some amazing fashion  influencers who are at the forefront of style and trends. So, who are they and how did they bring our new designs to life?

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  • Milan Fashion Week- Get the look

    Runway shows for next Spring/Summer menswear collections were crammed into three days, ending  Monday June 19th. Top Milanese fashion designers demonstrated their Spring/Summer 2018 looks for celebrities from all over the world.

    Weren't able to attend? Not to worry. We've got the fashion rundown from our top 2 designers at this year's Milan Fashion Week; Fendi and Armani.

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  • Galaxy S8 Case Review with Zollotech

    We sent the Pure Clear and Evo Tactical for the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus for tech reviewer, Zollotech, to do a hands on review and give us his honest opinion.  With a phone as innovative and uniquely designed as the S8/S8 Plus, Zollotech wanted a case that offered ultimate protection without covering no detracting from the beauty of the infinity display.

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  • Make your Smartphone your Outdoor Companion this Summer

    Summer Solstice is upon us! Wednesday, June 21st will be the longest day of the year, meaning it will be suns out buns out all day long. Depending on where you live on the planet, you could receive up to 24 hours of sun on Summer Solstice! Needless to say today is the day to get outside and in nature.

    Make sure not to leave home without your trusty smartphone! Here are several ways your smartphone will be the perfect outdoor companion this summer.

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  • Must Have Summer Travel Accessories

    Summer is finally here and things are sizzling up in the fashion world this season. That's why we've brought you the must have travel accessories that will allow you to travel in style. ?

    Whether you are jet setting off to Aruba, boating around Belize or simply poolside in a random yard, here are the top accessories for travel and leisure.

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  • Evo Check Active Edition Ultimate Drop Test

    What case are you using for your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus? The Evo Check Active Edition will protect your phone from drops up to 10 feet, time after time after time.

    This case has three absorption layers of protection. The first one being a flexible outer shell acting as the initial cochin for the phone. The second layer is skeletal frame deflecting force along the side of the case and lastly we have FlexShock that will dissipate force upon impact.

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  • Tech & Dating- The turn-on and offs of smartphone behaviour

    Buying a new phone is a big decision. Your phone is pretty much the most important thing you own. So we probably don't have to tell you that choosing the right phone is a big deal. When choosing your next phone what do you look into? Processor speed maybe? Or camera capabilities?

    Do you think about how other people will look at your phone, and what it says about you? How do other people look at you, and your phone? We take a look at how people judge you by your phone in the world of dating...

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  • Top Tech Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

    Father's Day is fast approaching and daddy dearest deserves the very best this year. If Dad is an all around tech lover, then he will surely appreciate these must have tech and gadgets for Father's Day. Continue reading

  • Survival Stories: May Edition

    Welcome to Survival Stories. A monthly round up of the best real life, miraculous phone stories we get sent in to us from customers, who would all have a broken phone and a repair bill if it wasn't for tech21. Here are the stories, as sent in by you, for the month of May.

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  • Galaxy S8 Evo Check Active Edition Review by The Tech Reviewer

    The Tech Reviewer got her hands on the Evo Check Active Edition in grey and turquoise and did a rundown video of how each case suits her brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. Read on for highlights and a look at the full video review.

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  • Top 3 Fashion Trends this Summer

    Summer is here! And that means the fashion police are out and about. Being fashion forward this summer doesn't only apply to what you wear, it applies to your accessories as well. Make sure your phone case offers the best in protection while keeping up with this summer's hottest trends...

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  • Team CrossFit JST- Where they've come, and where they're headed

    Last month we became proud sponsors of Team CrossFit JST as they compete over the next few months for the CrossFit Games, in Wisconsin, USA. The team is training incredibly hard, exceeding all expectations so far. They are currently gearing up for the CrossFit Games Regional Competition in Madrid, Spain taking place this weekend. And of course tech21 will be documenting their journey in Spain so stay tuned for updates!

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ tech21 Case Review, by Greggles TV

    Tech Reviewer and YouTube Unboxer, Greggles TV, got his hands on the Evo Check, Evo Tactical and Evo Check Active Edition from our Galaxy S8+ case range, to see how they held up on his  new device.

    For cases that feel good in your hand with minimal girth, Greggles TV recommends one of the cases above for your new galaxy S8 Plus. The cases' three layer impact absorption system called FlexShock offers drop protection for drops up to 10ft, over repeated fumbles.

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  • The Active Range- Cases that enhance your workout

    It is no surprise that living an active, outgoing lifestyle puts your phone through its paces, that's why we created the Active Range, for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Whether your phone's sitting on top of the treadmill, or tucked in your pocket while you dead lift to your favorite tunage, the Active Range is the perfect fitness partner that can handle whatever you put it through.

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  • How to- Evo Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ Installation

    When we live a busy, fast paced lifestyle we want quick and easy access to the things we use the most throughout our day - our phone and our cards. Designed to give you quick and easy access to these two daily essentials, you can trust the Evo Wallet's advanced protection to keep your phone as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box. Read more and watch our how to video below to see how you can get a 2-in-1 case with a detachable folio. 

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  • Huawei P10 Review

    Huawei has consistently been making great phones for years now, and the Huawei P10 is nothing short of that. The P10 is a more refined device than its predecessors with the return of the Leica-branded dual camera set up on the rear of the device and the shift of the fingerprint sensor to the front.

    Let’s break down the flagship device and see what it's workin’ with!

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  • The Inspiration Behind the Fashion Range

    We just launch our first ever Fashion Range for the iPhone 7, 7 Pus and Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and three new styles that are turning heads; Lace, Active and Urban Editions.

    And each of our new amazing design started with an inspiration that helped bring it fully to life and on your phone. Here's a breakdown of each style in the Fashion Range and how it came to be.

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  • Introducing tech21's Fashion Range

    Tech21 has just launched it's first ever Fashion Range for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We have incorporated eye catching and classic styles from this year's Spring and Summer trends to create case designs unlike anything else out there.

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  • 10 ways to avoid mobile cyber crime

    Your mobile may have the most intelligent impact protection on the planet but a rogue email could empty your bank account. Here’s a guide to keeping your handset safe from the inside out.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S8: how to get the best out of the camera

    Samsung made the decision to keep the same hardware on the camera as the previous Galaxy S7, with a 12MP, f/1.7 aperture, 26-mm lens primary camera, so how does it's performance compare?

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