D3O Impact Material

D3O® Cases - Tech21 Intelligent Impact Protection

At Tech21 we take pride in thinking outside of the box. That’s why we’ve created a wide range of innovative products which are integrated with scientifically proven shock absorbing D3O® impact material. All of our Impactology™ cases feature D3O® which is scientifically proven to absorb and dissipate the force of impact.

What is D3O®?

D3O® is a smart, shock absorbing dilatant material which flows freely as a liquid in its raw state. Under the force of impact, the molecules lock together, allowing the material to absorb and dissipate damaging energy.

The impact energy is spread throughout the D3O® composition which reduces the force transmitted to your device. The material then returns back to its original, soft and flexible state. It's strain-rate sensitive; the harder the force of impact the material receives, the more molecules lock together to absorb the energy and protect the technology from damaging drops and falls.

D3O® is an intelligent combination of enhanced chemistry, engineering and design which together creates an advanced polymer formula that offers soft, low profile, flexible protection. Molded in to our Impactology products, D3O® is structured to deliver premium impact protection in a range of temperatures and environments for those who require protection in the business environment to those adventuring in the great outdoors.

D30 Impact Material used in Tech21 D3O cases and covers

We use a foamed form of D3O® in our products which we combine with other impact absorbing materials to create a structure optimised for impact absorption, achievable only through the use of specialist materials.

About D3O®

D3O is a ground breaking impact protection solutions company that licenses a range of unique patented smart materials. This market changing technology is used to produce a shock absorbing material which can be found in a range of products across the motorcycle, sport, footwear, electronics, military and workwear sectors.
The technology was first proven during the 2006 Winter Olympics, when the US and Canadian ski teams pioneered D3O’s revolutionary soft armour. With no compromise on D30 Raw Form - Impact Protection material used in Tech21 D3O casesprotection, D3O changed the global protective wear market overnight with a range of low profile, light weight, flexible and breathable protecting systems.
D3O markets a range of different patented materials with shock absorbing and impact protective properties. At Tech21 we use specialised ST sheets of D3O® which are carefully integrated in to each of our innovative designs. Incredibly, testing at the D3O lab concludes that a three millimeter strip of D3O® ST conducts 57% less energy force than a ten millimeter strip of EVA material – despite the D3O® ST sheet being 60% thinner.

Created at the D3O lab, this unique patented technology is based on Non-Newtonian principles. Non-Newtonian fluids such as ketchup, toothpaste and shampoo are unique because they have a viscosity (the measure of the material’s resistance to gradual deformation from stress) which depends on shear weight.

This means that the deformation of these Non-Newtonian materials is affected by, and depends on, the amount of physical stress it’s placed under; the more stress, the more absorption.

Committed to producing intelligent Impactology products which provide advanced impact protection, we’ve worked to incorporate D3O into our designs. This means that you can rest assured your device is covered from the inevitable bumps and knocks of life.