Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Impact Mesh - Clear

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Protective Samsung Galaxy S5 Case - Impact Mesh

Our Impact Mesh case for Samsung Galaxy S5 design features an original mesh pattern on the interior of a slim-fitting, minimalistic shell. Because we only use the most advanced materials, it’s crafted with a premium TPU formula known for its brilliant flexibility and resilience.

Carefully lined with scientifically proven shock absorbing ® material, the Impact Mesh Samsung Galaxy S5 case offers advanced impact protection for your device. Transparent and smooth to touch on the outside, it provides premium protection without concealing its original beauty. With an easy application and access to all features, this clear case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is unbeatably user-friendly.
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  • Scientifically proven ® impact material which absorbs and dissipates impact
  • An advanced TPU formula renowned for its excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance
  • A unique Mesh design on the interior and smooth to touch on the outside
  • A transparent design displaying the original beauty of the device
  • A slim-fitting design with access to all features of the device
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Colour: Clear
    Weight: 35g

    Height: 148mm
    Width: 80mm

    Impactology: How it Works


    1. What’s the difference between the Impact Mesh and the Impact Shell?

    Our Impact Shell has a smooth, glossy finish whereas the Impact Mesh features a unique mesh pattern on the interior. Both are smooth on the outside.

    2. Which parts of my device does the Impact Mesh protect?

    The Impact Mesh provides intelligent protection for the back and sides of your device.

    3. Does this case allow for access to all features of my device?

    Yes, the Impact Mesh allows you to access all functions of your device. 

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