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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet

Whereas most manufacturers get off on showing their phone-protecting credentials with elaborate stunts and extreme claims, we know that most people aren’t going to throw their tech out of a helicopter.

What matters is knowing your device is safe from the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. So the next time you’re rushing for a bus and your phone slips from your hand – it’s no drama. Or your 5-year-old attempts to launch your tablet into orbit – it’s impressive, not terrifying.

Of course it takes some seriously advanced science to make sure we save you from tech disaster. We pour our energy and investment into the creation of new materials and ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our products don’t just outperform the competition, they break entirely new ground.

We’re one of only a few case manufacturers to have an in-house science and materials team – and the only one to be independently tested by physicists at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. So whether we’re talking about new levels of protection, microbe-reducing formulations or 100% biodegradable materials, when we make a claim, we mean it – and can scientifically prove it.


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