Time to Come Clean with our Antibacterial Cases

Do you know how clean your phone case is?

In terms of must-have items, our phones are pretty high up on the list – whether we’d like to admit it or not. You might be surprised to hear that we pick them up on average 52 times a day – an awful lot basically. However, while you’re using your phone, have you ever stopped to wonder what else it may have come into contact with? Do you cook? Workout? Catch public transport? Clean up after messy toddlers?


If your children’s hands came into direct contact with dirty surfaces, you wouldn’t think twice about reaching for that wet wipe and cleaning them up. But in reality, germs from the same surfaces will be transferred to your phone constantly; and who loves nothing more than to play with your phone? That’s right, your curious toddler. Meaning that despite your best efforts, they’ll be coming into contact with the very same germs.

With built-in Antibacterial protection, it’s a given that tech21 cases are hygienically clean, but what about the rest? We decided to put it to the test.

We sent out Dip Test kits for moms to swab their current phone cases, so they could see the nasty germs that covered their devices every day. They then switched to a tech21 case, putting our Antibacterial technology to the test by doing the very same thing.

The results: After 3 days, their old phone cases contained traces of mould, bacteria and saliva. But their new tech21 cases came up as 99.9% microbe free!

Old phone case

New tech21 phone case

Sleek and hygienic with a pop of colour, our Antibacterial phone cases are perfect for busy mums whose phones are constantly being reached for by little hands. 

Want to get your hands on one?