Tech21 Brand Ambassador Photography

<href=””> We love to see how our tech21 Brand Ambassadors are using their cases, whether it’s running off on an adventurous camping trip, style matching their fashion case to their favorite outfit, or simply out and about enjoying a caffeinated beverage. So every month we round up our favorite picks from tech21 Brand Ambassadors to engage and inspire all the ways you can enjoy  your phone to its fullest. @caragonzales is an aspiring photographer based in Long Beach, CA. Specializing in portrait and product photography, she takes absolutely stunning shots of her Pink Evo Gem case. @mrkendenis is a fierce Australian beauty blogger, with an account full of beauty tips, tricks and reviews. Ken’s rocking our clear Evo Check on a Google Pixel 2 in this shot. @victorias_beautyedit is an on-the-go beauty and fashion blogger. Victoria needs her phone case to both look good, protect, and carry her necessities–that’s why she uses the Evo Wallet Active Edition!