MacBook Air 13" 2017 Cases
MacBook Air 13" 2017 Cases

MacBook Air 13" 2017 Cases

Our MacBook Air 13-inch cases may be thin and lightweight but they offer maximum levels of impact protection. Our totally transparent Pure Clear and super-stylish Pure Tint cases contain UV-resistant materials that stop them from yellowing and all our MacBook Air 13-inch covers have non-slip feet for easy typing.


  1. Macbook Cases 2 items
  2. Impact Snap 1 item

Macbook Cases

Easy installation, non-slip feet and ultra-thin protection with super strength. Just a few things that make our MacBook cases really hard to beat.
  1. Pure Tint
    MacBook Air 13
    ¥4,500.00 ¥9,000.00
  2. Pure Clear
    MacBook Air 13

Impact Snap

The Impact Snap offers advanced impact protection as well as delivering a secure, non-slip typing platform which minimises vibrations for smooth, comfortable typing.
  1. Impact Snap
    MacBook Air 13
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