Why Should You Protect Your Phone With tech21?

7.5 million unlucky Britons are walking around with a cracked phone screen at any one time*

So, how vulnerable are smartphones to damage? Out of warranty or accidental damage repairs can be more than half of the initial cost of a device – and 1 in 6 smartphone users are using a device today with a broken screen because of this cost. Insurance excesses are rising too and can be up to £100 for damage claims. A cracked screen will eventually lead to complete phone failure.

Apple takes up to 8 business days to repair a cracked screen**

There’s a wealth of applications that allow you to do more on the move than ever before. We feel naked or lost without having our phones- how would anyone get hold of you? How would you capture moments? How would you find out information on demand?

The glass back of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus costs way more to repair than the front*

The average smartphone cost has risen exponentially over the past few years, so protecting this investment is more important than ever. Smartphones are now vital to productivity and the ease of access to information. If a phone breaks, how detrimental would that be to your life?


We create the most intelligent impact protection on the planet. We design our products to protect your device, drop after drop. We do this by using scientifically proven impact materials and innovative design. And then before they get to you, we test them to make sure that they deliver on this promise.
BulletShield is a super transparent, impact material also used in bulletproof glass. It absorbs impact force and stops that force from passing through to the device it’s protecting.
FlexShock is ultra efficient at absorbing and dissipating impact force. It is thin and lightweight whilst providing extremely high levels of protection. To make sure that you can trust the performance claims we make, we’ve worked in partnership with NPL in London to develop a unique methodology for testing phone cases. This methodology sets out how to perform the tests accurately and reliably to enable standard and consistent results to be achieved:
  1. First, we accurately measure the case’s weight and thickness.
  2. Then, because impact force is what causes the damage, we perform sophisticated drop tests to see how much force each case actually absorbs.
  3. Finally, we measure its durability by drop testing it 20 times – because what good is a case that only offers protection for the first drop?
*according to research by O2 ** same-day repair options may be available