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What is Impactology?

Impactology is the promise that all our products always deliver the most intelligent impact protection.

At Tech21, we can make this promise to our consumers due to a combination of scientifically proven materials, ingenious designs and unbeatable user-friendliness infused in to the creation of every one of our remarkable products.

As dedicated Impactologists, we take pride in delivering our Impactology promise across all aspects of what we do. This includes the careful selection of advanced impact materials which are used in the creation of our products as well as our premium designs which are successful in turning hard science in to remarkable consumer products.

Together with the superior user-centric designs and concentrated testing which all of our products are subject to, it has become our passion to deliver the most intelligent impact protection possible.

Impactology makes a difference because Tech21 is the only brand committed and innovative enough to bring the science of protection in to a unique range of exceptional technology cases.


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Why do you
need it?

Life is full of knocks and scrapes; with devices playing an even greater part in our lives today than ever before there is an inherent risk of accidental damage.  

Our cases and screen protectors have been carefully crafted to absorb and dissipate impact force keeping your device in pristine condition throughout its life.

At Tech21, we are dedicated to finding a better solution. That's why we've worked to create an impressive series of scientficially designed Impactology cases which enhance the original beauty of a device whilst surrounding it with premium impact protection. 

The stringent testing and development, which each of our products are subject to, means that we can make our Impactology promise to you that our products will always offer the most intelligent impact protection. 

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How does it work?

Impactology works by taking scientifically proven impact absorbing materials from across the globe and combining them together with ingenious designs to create slim-fitting products which absorb and dissipate the force of impact.

We're committed to providing the most advanced impact protection for the technology you love. Our thorough research and development ensures that each of our Impactology products utlises our dedication and expertise in impact protection.

The thorough research, testing and development that goes on behind the creation of each of our products means that you can relax knowing that your device is protected by intelligence.

Available in a large range of colours and designs, we strive to create products which suit everyone from those in the business world to those who are always out exploring the great outdoors. Life is for living, not worrying about the consequences of an accidental fall or knock to your device.

From our creative team of marketeers to our designers, technicians and everyone in between, Tech21 strives to ensure that our Impactology creations are in a league of their own.


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