The Galaxy S9 Camera is LEGEN – wait for it

DARY. This phone’s camera has a better DxOMark photo score than any other smartphone on the market. Coming from DxOMark (a website providing image quality ratings for standalone cameras, lenses, and mobile devices cameras) this score is quite the achievement. Let’s dive in and find out why it’s the best:

The rear camera is a 12MP Dual Pixel Camera, but what really makes this stand out among the crowd the introduction of the dual aperture! We’ll break down what that means:

The aperture, or F-Stop, is the hole which light comes through to the camera sensor. The larger the hole, the more light, the smaller the hole, the less light. You can think of this feature as the pupil of the camera, dilating and narrowing to fit the scene. The smaller the f-stop, the bigger the opening. So, a low f-stop is ideal for low lit situations, as it feeds the sensor a lot of light!

That being said, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the first smartphone to offer multiple aperture modes. For low light, the camera has an F1.5 aperture. For daylight, the camera has an F2.4 aperture. Long story short: the S9 Camera utilizes light so that you won’t have to depend so much on filters to make your photos shine.

Get ready to get the perfect new profile pic with the S9 camera. With features like Live Focus and Bokeh Filters, a normal selfie can turn into a glammed up beauty portrait. Live Focus gives you the option to softly blur the background of the image, and Bokeh Filters is a subtle way to add fun shapes among the background blur (including butterflies, hearts, stars, and more!)

With the optimal image stabilization feature (OIS) your photos will be crystal clear even when you’re on a bumpy ride, or snapping on the go.

What else is new? This camera also has a new Super Slo-Mo Sensor. We’re talking SLOW. It can record 960 frames per second (FPS). Most smartphone slo-mo cameras record 240FPS. That’s a whopping 720FPS more than the average camera. These videos can be easily edited into GIFs, with different playback options (forward, backward, swing) to keep your instagram story always showing your best life. You can even save these slo-mo videos as a lock screen! And with the motion detector option, these videos will always start recording at the perfect moment.

But wait, won’t all these new photos and videos just eat up the Samsung Galaxy S9’s storage? False. Samsung has partnered with Google to offer users unlimited storage with Google Photos.

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