We are so excited to show off our limited edition Pure Clear Chinese New Year Case: A contemporary interpretation of the powerful dragon form that takes you on a journey of discovery!

The intricate design was created by Bovey Lee, a Hong Kong-born cut paper artist based in California. Like all tech21 cases, there’s more to the CNY Edition than meets the eye. When you look closer, you’ll see that the artwork takes you on a journey which celebrates China’s transformation over the years.

This journey takes you from its background as an agricultural state to a modern, urban environment; and then into its vision to build a future where nature and cities can co-exist.

In China, Dragons are a representation of luck. While we begin this Year of the Dog (a year representing loyalty, faithfulness, and friendliness) we hope that you carry this little symbol of luck and progress with you everywhere you go!

And, of course, sitting beneath the CNY Edition’s surface is an effective two-layer protection system. This spreads out and absorbs impact energy, stopping it from passing through into your phone.

  • Layer 1: Hard outer shell spreads the impact energy.
  • Layer 2: BulletShield, used in bulletproof glass, absorbs it.

These two layers work together seamlessly to protect, drop after drop after drop.

Go to our website and get yours today–before they sell out for good!

CNY Case for the iPhone X

CNY Case for the iPhone7/8

CNY Case for the iPhone 7/8 plus