The tech21 Warranty

All tech21 products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is honoured for all tech21 products that have been purchased from an Authorised Retailer.

To proceed with a warranty claim you will need a copy of your original receipt and pictures that show where your tech21 product is defective.

Please check the warranty period of your tech21 product. If you have a product that is covered by the Limited One Year Warranty and this time has lapsed then you will need to contact the retailer that you made your original purchase from.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Evo Band
  • Evo Check
  • Evo Check Active Edition
  • Evo Check Evoke Edition
  • Evo Check Lace Edition
  • Evo Check Urban Edition
  • Evo Elite
  • Evo Elite Active Edition
  • Evo Elite CNY Edition
  • Evo Elite Lace Edition
  • Evo Flip
  • Evo Frame
  • Evo Gem
  • Evo Glass
  • Evo Luxe (Active Edition)
  • Evo Luxe (Woven Fabric)
  • Evo Max
  • Evo Mesh Sport
  • Evo Mesh
  • Evo Shell
  • Evo Tactical
  • Evo Tactical Extreme Edition
  • Evo Tactical XT
  • Evo Wave
  • Impact Clear
  • Impact Clear Lace Edition
  • Impact Folio for iPad
  • Impact Shield
  • Impact Snap for MacBook
  • Pure Clear
  • Pure Print
  • Pure Shimmer
  • Pure Soda
  • Pure Tint
  • Studio Colour

Limited One Year Warranty

  • Evo Aqua 360
  • Evo Aqua
  • Evo Endurance
  • Evo Go
  • Evo Luxe (Faux Leather)
  • Evo Play
  • Evo Wallet
  • Evo Wallet Active Edition
  • Evo Xplorer
  • Patriot (all versions)

How can I request a Warranty Replacement?

The Smallprint

  • Our guarantee does not cover product damage that may have resulted from normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse of the product.
  • The warranty does not cover damage to your device while using a tech21 product.
  • Tech21 will not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages while using this product.
  • Replacements are only covered by the warranty of initial purchase and do not extend the length of the warranty.
  • If there is any problem with a warranty replacement, you will have to return the replacement to tech21 to receive an additional replacement.
  • Proof of Purchase as evidence the unit was purchased from an authorised dealer within the warranty period is required for warranty service.
  • Please note refunds are not offered for products purchased from external retailers. Please refer to your proof of purchase for more information on individual retailer return policy.
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