The Power of Plant Based

In a world full of plastic

You only have to turn on the TV, scroll through social media or pick up a paper to hear about the latest effects that plastic is having on our planet. No matter where you like to get your news fix from, we’re pretty sure it’s on your radar as much as ours. The once dubbed ‘miracle material’ of the early 1900s is slowly becoming nothing more than a dirty word, as it continues to wreak havoc on land, sea and air, leaving a trail of toxic devastation in its wake.

Responses from the commercial world are gradually picking up pace, as companies fall over themselves to persuade consumers that they’re doing their bit to tackle plastic pollution. Bold claims littered with eco-friendly related buzz words are popping up throughout every corner of the web – but what does it all mean, and more importantly, what are your favourite companies actually doing to solve the problem?

We like to think that at tech21, we’re always thinking smart; from the technology we protect to the materials we use. As it stands, we’ve already replaced 30% of our materials with plant-based alternatives, while ensuring that our products continue to be as tough and as hard-wearing as ever. The ultimate goal is to produce sustainable phone cases that protect your phone and the planet in one fell swoop – no easy feat, but we’re up for the challenge.

Rest assured, keeping your devices in pristine condition remains our top priority, so you can breathe easy knowing that we’ll always provide high-performance phone cases, only now with a little added plant-power and an extra dose of feel-good for good measure. Watch this space and stay updated as we continue to smash our sustainability goals; there’s way more to come.

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