Patriot Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s



Patriot Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

360° case and screen protection.

On a building site, hanging from a rock face, or on a battlefield - sometimes you just need a more robust, more protective solution for your phone. Designed from the ground up to deliver maximum protection for life outside the office, the Patriot case is our most protective and rugged solution to date.

Patriot Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

Intelligent screen protection.

To create an ultra-thin screen protector that offers advanced impact protection and perfect optical clarity, we turned to science, developing a unique, multi layer structure. A hard top layer spreads the force of impact over a wider area. The second layer, BulletShield™, is also used in bullet proof glass and absorbs and dissipates the force. The third layer slows down and further absorbs any remaining impact force resulting in the world's most advanced screen protection.

Patriot Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

Robust drop protection.

FlexShock™ is the world's most advanced impact protection material, absorbing and dissipating impact force and stopping that force from passing into your device. By integrating FlexShock™ into the design of the Patriot case, we can offer robust impact protection from drops of 4m/13ft.

Patriot Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

Dust resistant. Splash resistant.

With dust covers on all ports, and splash resistant acoustic covers on all speakers and microphone vents, your phone is kept clean and dry.

Patriot Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

Unhindered user experience.

You want to use your phone, uninterrupted, no matter how rugged the conditions. Patriot offers full access to all ports, while mechanical buttons offer precise, tactile access to function buttons. An easy two part assembly means your phone is protected in no time at all and a handy holster is included in the box.



Premium materials, precision manufacturing. Quality assurance. We have ultimate confidence in the performance of the Patriot, however if your case becomes faulty during normal use in the first year, we'll replace it for free. Conditions apply.