Tech21 Evo Xplorer Install Guide iP6 & 6s

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frequently asked questions

What should I do if my microphone and speakers aren’t working correctly?

During installation, make sure that you insert your device into your case base first, so that the microphone and speaker vents on your device engage correctly with the acoustic vents on your case.

What should I do if I don’t have a coin to release the back cover?

If you don’t have a coin, simply use something else similar such as the base of a key for example. We do not recommend using anything with a pointed edge, such as a screwdriver, as this may damage the allocated coin slot.

My fingerprint reader is not working as well as it should be?

We recommend that you follow the handset manufacturers instructions to setup your fingerprint reader before installing your Evo Xplorer. However, on some occasions you may need to reprogram your fingerprint reader after you’ve installed your Evo Xplorer.

When clipping the front and back of my case together, should I start with the top or the bottom?

When clipping the front and back of your case together, it doesn’t matter which end you clip together first; just make sure that you clip them together as evenly as possible and when applying pressure, apply it evenly.

What is the maximum recommended depth of the Evo Xplorer and for how long?

Your Evo Xplorer has a maximum depth of 3m/ 9.9ft for 1 hour. Some of our packaging may display a depth of 2m/ 6.6ft, but after recent testing we have been able to increase this depth.

Is my Evo Xplorer still waterproof while using the supplied headphone adapter?

Yes. Your Evo Xplorer is still waterproof to 3m/ 9.9ft while using the supplied headphone adapter. Just remember to screw it in securely before using it under water.