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Making phone protection more sustainable

Until now, phone cases have done nothing for the fight against plastic, which made creating an environmentally friendly phone case top of our agenda. Saving your phone is our priority, but we want to do it in a way that’s more sustainable. After all, should we really have to choose? Thanks to our new plant-based technology, you don’t have to.


As far as eco-friendly phone cases go, there aren’t many that have the same drop and scratch protection bragging rights as ours. So, we’re working to get that same rock-solid protection from plant-based alternatives that are more sustainable.


Simply put, plant-based materials are created from feedstock (a natural resource) rather than the fossil fuels used to create common plastics. Thanks to mother nature (and a bit of science thrown in for good measure) we’re able to create phone protection that’s more sustainable and better for the planet.


While we’ve managed to swap over 40% of our materials with plant-based alternatives already, we won’t stop until we’re at 100%. In terms of our packaging, we’re pretty pleased to have saved a massive 18 tons of plastic from going to landfill every year by simply changing our hangtags to card. In fact, all of our product packaging is now 100% recyclable.
Our zero-waste strategy includes saying goodbye to single-use plastics in packaging and eventually creating fully compostable eco phone cases – something we also have in the pipeline, just so you know.


Creating rock-solid protection from plant-based materials is just the beginning of our journey to greater sustainability and we’re super happy that you’re coming along for the ride. Take a look through our plant-based cases now and hop on board.
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