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There’s more to tech21 products than meets the eye.

Look at the details of each design. How it enhances the device it protects. How the multi-layer structures and scientifically-tested, shock-absorbing materials work together to spread out and absorb impact energy.

Look beneath the surface. That’s where the real genius of a tech21 product lies.

Materials matter.

Tech21 products contain high-performing impact materials. These materials look great on your device and feel great in your hand. But they also let you use your mobile tech carefree. And that’s the best way to use it.

Plant-based materials

Plant-based materials

Get the same great protection from more sustainable materials. By breaking down plant-based feedstock into starches, we’ve turned them into high-performing impact materials for our new Note cases.


FlexShock is a high-performing impact material that’s unique to tech21.

Because it absorbs and dissipates impact energy more efficiently than common case materials, you’re able to give your phone higher levels of protection from thinner, lighter cases.

Bullet Shield


Like FlexShock, BulletShield is also a high-performing impact material.

The main difference between the two is that BulletShield is crystal clear. This lets you add market-leading levels of protection to your device while still enjoying its original beauty.


Built-in antimicrobial protection reduces microbes by up to 99.99%, helping keep your case hygienically clean. And being built into the material, it offers permanent, round-the-clock protection.

Antimicrobial phone case
Crystal clear

Clearer for longer

Resistant to UV yellowing, the clear materials used in tech21 products let you enjoy your phone’s original beauty for longer than ever.

See the logo. Trust the product.

As a trusted partner, we work in collaboration with device manufacturers to design each of our products. By working in partnership with them right from the start, you always know that your tech21 product will work perfectly with your chosen device.

Designed for Samsung
Made for Google
Made for Motorola
Design For Huawei

In-house design

With engineers, designers and material scientists in-house, when you choose a tech21 product you’re always getting the most advanced materials, latest designs and the most effective protection for your device.

In house design
Multi-layered technology

Multi-layered protection

By layering materials with different properties, tech21 products spread out and dissipate impact energy more efficiently. This makes your case more protective, but it also makes it thinner and lighter.

Patented ribs

All tech21 cases have a patented rib structure built into their design. This absorbs and dissipates impact energy more efficiently, giving you more protection from a thinner, lighter case.

Patented ribs

Accurate, reliable testing.

With a team of material scientists and state-of-the-art equipment, you always know that when you choose a tech21 product you’re getting the most intelligent protection on the planet.

What we test

Before leaving the factory, tech21 products are rigorously tested to make sure that they do exactly what they’re supposed to. Some of these tests include:

Fit Test
Drop Test
Abrasion Test
UV Test
Wireless Connectivity Test
Button Test
Port Test
Audio Test
Loudspeaker Test
Camera Test
Touchscreen Test
…and more!

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