Get the best from your Huawei P30 & P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 + P30 Pro are two of the most advanced mobile phones are the market leading with its unmatched Leica camera system and other innovative features like wireless charging and in-display fingerprint sensor.  Not to mention the upgrade in design with the glass back available in several colours with the smallest notch yet!

Say Cheese.

As we mentioned, the real stand out with the P30 + P30 Pro is the Leica camera system.  The P30 boasts an impressive three rear cameras, one offering an ultra-wide angle lens and the other a 3x optical zoom.

If you really want to take your photography skills from novice to professional, the P30 Pro has a total of four cameras.  This system enables a 10x hybrid zoom feature which Huawei promises will not compromise any of the details of your shot.

Feel like you never have enough time to setup a selfie or group shot utilizing the self-timer?  Now you can take all of the time you need with the P30 Pro.   This feature allows you set up the phone, take as long as you need getting the frame setup and then all you have to do is shout ‘Cheese’ and the phone will take your photograph.

Turn Out the Lights.

Research has proven that blue light from phone screens can do everything from interrupting sleep patterns to causing permanent damage to your retinas.  You can help ease the strain on your eyes with Dark Mode, which transforms the screen’s colour scheme from white to black.  Not only does this help reduce the impact on your eyes, it saves battery life as well.  Sounds like a win-win.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

If you have found yourself getting caught up in the Marie Kondo method, this might be the feature you are most drawn too.  Now, tidying up isn’t only for kitchen and bedroom drawers, you can organize your home screen in the same way utilizing the ‘app drawer’ tool which lets you put only the apps you use regularly up on your home screen while tucking the rest safely (and tidily) away.

Save Your Friend’s [Battery] Life.

Do you have a friend who goes everywhere with their mobile charger?  Now, you can tell them it’s safe to leave it at home.  One of the best features (in our humble opinion) available on the P30 Pro is Wireless Reverse Charging.  This essentially turns your device into a wireless charging pad, allowing you to charge other smartphones, smart watches or headphones as long as the gadgets themselves support wireless charging.

Of course, all of these features would be rendered useless if you dropped your new device without having it properly protected.  As a designed for Huawei partner, tech21 offers a wide variety of options to keep your P30 + P30 Pro safe, drop after drop.

With any new device, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to get the best of all of the features that are literally sitting at your fingertips, so we thought we’d give you a head start and tell you about our favorite features.

Tech21xLiberty London

Available for the first time for Huawei, tech21 is pleased to offer several designs through our collaboration with iconic London retailer, Liberty London.  These prints make the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe and will keep your device safe protected.

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Studio Colour

Each with its own distinctive character, Studio Colour is a range of protective cases that are thin, light and look great on your phone.  In addition to providing drop protection, these cases protect hygienically by destroying 99% microbes which make their way to your case through daily use.

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