Celebrate International Friendship Day on 30 July with tech21

Over the past few months, we may have been more physically distant from our friends than ever before but we’ve never been more social. Whether you’ve started a new job and got to meet your colleagues via video calls, taken part in a Zoom quiz or been talking constantly via Facetime, you will appreciate the true value of a good friend. This is why 2020’s International Friendship Day, taking place on 30 July, is set to be extra special.

There is some confusion over exactly when International Friendship Day originated but it is widely accepted that Hallmark Cards founder Joyce Hall came up with the idea and started promoting it through greetings cards in the early 20th century before Paraguay proposed the date of 30 July in 1958. The date was officially confirmed by the United Nations in April, 2011. Although most countries celebrate on this date, some – including India – mark the occasion on the first Sunday of August.


With social media playing a more and more important role in people’s lives, International Friendship Day has begun to take on increasing importance – especially in these complex and confusing times. A day that encourages people to gather together (virtually or from a safe distance this year) and celebrate the spirit of community and companionship regardless of race, gender or religion, there are so many ways to celebrate. You could pick up the phone and plan something exciting for when we get back to some form of normality, think back over favourite moments or even send a gift to show your bestie just how much they mean to you.

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