Back to school with tech21

With tablets replacing notebooks and over a term of Zoom lessons spent studying from home, the school world has been very different to what we have come to know over the past few months but children are due to head back to school in September. Although there remains some uncertainty over whether this will happen, you should still be thinking towards the new term and making sure your children have everything they need as they go back to school – especially when it comes to protection for their invaluable tech and phone cases for teens.

School has changed quite a bit since we were studying and now most older students will be taking a phone with them. Many children – especially teenagers – are notoriously clumsy (and maybe a little unhygienic) so it’s more important than ever that their tech is kept protected in every way – and who can you trust more than tech21 to ensure this remains the case in these uncertain times?


How a tech21 case keeps even the messiest teenager’s phone clean and safe

Did a phone get wrapped up in a freshly worn PE kit?

We all know how messy PE lessons can get and many of us still shudder at the thought of a cross country race in freezing cold, muddy conditions with little to no preparation…The antimicrobial protection offered by tech21 cases means that even if your child’s phone gets wrapped in a sweaty, mud-ridden post-workout kit, it will remain hygienically clean. Our cases contain a built-in formula that reduces harmful microbes by up to 99.99% in just 24 hours and their self-cleaning nature also keeps them safe from messy hands that have just painted a masterpiece. Of course, we all need to be washing our hands regularly to protect ourselves and others.

Did your child’s phone fall from their desk?

Tech21 cases offer increased levels of impact protection that helps phones withstand any damage from drops of heights much greater than your average school desk. Of course, tech21 cases also protect drop after drop. This is because we make our cases (even our thinnest and lightest ones) with FlexShock, a unique material which absorbs, dissipates and repels the force from drops.

General scuffs and scratches from everyday studies

We all remember how it is… That lunch bell rings and you either need to get first in line for school dinners or make sure you’re there when a rare Pokémon shows up. Nowadays, you can almost guarantee that students are in such a rush when it comes to lunchtime that they might just throw their phone into their backpack with little care or consideration – and who knows what kind of sharp objects like pens, pencils and protractors could be lurking in there. You can protect their phone from unsightly scuffs and scratches by applying one of our screen shields.

As touched upon earlier, many children will be taking an older version of a device or a hand-me-down to school but taking a phone to school is laced with hazards – not least the fear of social embarrassment. Below, we take a look into some of the hazards of having a phone at school…

An embarrassing ringtone or notification

Yes, we know that teens use their phones for everything but making calls now, but what if they’re using an older sibling or parent’s phone that blasts out a song from the ‘olden days’ that their classmates really don’t want to hear… They’ll also have to be careful with ‘hilarious’ notifications.

A TikTok video gone wrong

We know so many young people have been creating masterpieces on TikTok over the last few months, but what happens if the subject of your child’s one isn’t deemed cool enough or – even worse – another student has tackled the same topic with even more jokes and better special effects?

A low battery

Oh, the shame of asking to borrow someone else’s portable charger… Is this the modern-day equivalent of forgetting your pencil case?

Getting a phone scratched by a protractor

Rulers, pens, sharpeners, stationery that nobody understands, cans of drink… A school bag is no place for a phone without protection. All those sharp edges can cause real damage to a phone and its screen so make sure your child’s valuable tech is protected with a tech21 phone case and screen scratch protector.

What other potentially embarrassing tech moments do you think children should be watching out for?

Visit tech21 for top-grade protection – at home or in the classroom – as your children head back to school.