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About us

Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet.

For many brands, making phone and tablet cases is an afterthought. But for us, it’s the main attraction.

Each and every one of our products is the result of this passion for protection. You’ll notice the difference every time you pick up your phone or tablet. Look at the details of each design. How it enhances the device it protects. How the multi-layer structures and scientifically-tested, shock-absorbing materials work together to spread out and absorb impact energy.

At tech21, we believe that no matter how good something is, it can always get better. That’s why we always look beyond the obvious to discover new ways of doing things.

By looking beyond the obvious, at the limit of what’s possible, and asking “what if”, we were the first to create smartphone cases made of scientifically tested, shock-absorbing materials. Why? Because no-one else had done it before. Were there easier ways? Definitely. Would it have been us? Definitely not.

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