The best tech to improve your productivity

Phones, tablets, laptops. These are the three pieces of tech which are essential in both our personal and work lives. As the world becomes ever more focused on digital, making sure that we can keep up and use our technology efficiently also becomes increasingly important.

Below are four things we’ve hand-picked that will help you to maximize your technology use.

Microsoft Teams

Focused on the workplace, Microsoft teams is a great app for those teams when sharing a joint document via email just doesn’t work. The bigger your team, the more likely it is that more than one of your colleagues will want to work on the same document at the same time, and Microsoft Teams is the solution. Think of Teams as a large online portal, with all the various security/access/permission levels that you may need available to you. Does one of your colleagues want to edit the second tab when you’re already on the first? No problem! With documents showing you who’s currently in the document and what changes they’re making in real-time, you don’t need to worry about duplication of work (aka. wasting time!).

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Evo Move

It’s not just mobile phones that we rely on more than ever, tablets are becoming slimmer and easier to carry everywhere. However, this technology isn’t cheap. As the prices of tablets increase, so does the cost of repair, so being able to work care-free, without fear of dropping your tablet is something tech21 strives to enable. Evo Move was designed specifically to keep your tablet protected, drop after drop. With an integrated swivel handle, it means that not only can you afford to be care free with your tablet, but you can also position it whichever way you like. Want to watch a video? Not a problem, simply adjust the handle to landscape, sit back and relax! Want to position the tablet upright to write some emails? Evo Move makes it easy!

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Using Microsoft Teams is a great way of storing documents and sharing content, but what about planning these in the first place? You need a solid app which is going to help you plan out your projects, personal moments, and much more. Evernote allows you to manage everything in one place, allowing you to capture ideas and inspiration in notes, voice, and pictures. Not only will you feel in control, but you’ll never lose track of your tasks and deadlines.

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Evo Wallet

It’s all well and good having your plans in Evernote, and your documents in Microsoft teams, but if you’re in a rush you might miss your chance to present your plans, or even drop your phone mid-sprint to the meeting. Evo Wallet solves both issues. With up to 14 ft drop protection, the Evo Wallet will keep your phone safe from any accidental drops. But what if you’re running late for your meeting and just HAVE to get your morning coffee? Evo Wallet comes with integrated card storage for two cards allowing you quick access to payment methods, or if using Apple/Google Pay the case has been tested to work perfectly with wireless connectivity.

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