Have You Seen Our OnePlus 6 Range?!

oneplus 6 tech21 range So, the OnePlus 6 has been out for a little over a month now and it’s been getting some top reviews! But how can you protect your shiny new investment? 6.6ft/2m Protection. Drop after drop. Most of us drop our phones more than once. So, we’ve designed our range of cases to protect your phone from up to 6.6ft/2m, drop after drop. And that’s not hope or assumption, it’s scientifically proven. How it works Two layers, patented ribs and BulletShield (a high-performing impact material unique to tech21) work together to absorb impact energy drop after drop.
Evo Shell (Clear) Incredibly thin and lightweight, Evo Shell protects your phone drop after drop letting you use it carefree.
Evo Flip (Black) With an integrated folio cover, Evo Flip gives you complete 360° protection, drop after drop.   For 360 protection, we also have a screen shield available for the OnePlus6… Impact Shield Anti-Scratch  With three layers and BulletShield, an impact absorbing material used in bulletproof glass, Impact Shield Anti-Scratch doesn’t just protect once; it protects again and again.