Tech21 Protects.  Hygienically.

We’ve built a strong reputation on device protection.  Each of our materials and products go through rigorous testing to ensure that your device remains protected, drop after drop.   But how do you protect your case from the harmful microbes that accumulate on your mobile device through daily use?  Tech21 now has an answer to that.   Introducing: Evo Check with BioCote®.  Our most popular mobile device case now with antimicrobial protection, which reduces microbes by 99.99% to keep your phone case fresher and cleaner for longer.  This protective technology isn’t just a coating, it’s incorporated throughout the case material at the point of manufacture, ensuring that your case is protected for its entire lifetime.  Evo Check antimicrobial protection reduces odour causing and staining microbes, such as mold, and helps protect against material degradation, keeping your case hygienically clean.   The new Evo Check range is now available in a wide range of vibrant colors for the new Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e. Shop Evo Check with Antimicrobial Protection below: Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10+ Samsung Galaxy S10e