How do eyeball controlled TVs work?

We saw this cool invention at Berlin’s IFA Trade Show this September, revealing the latest, most advanced eyeball tracking technology yet. Designed my Haier and incorporated with eye-tracking technology provided by Tobii, the eyeball controlled TV is certainly an interesting concept. Incredibly, one is able to control the television purely with eye movements, changing the channel, adjusting the volume and controlling all other functions simply by looking at a part of the screen and blinking to select. Eyeball controlled devices - how it works? How is this possible? The eyeball controlled TV is the product of careful eye movement studies carried out by Haier combined with an advanced eye-tracking technology system developed by Tobii which enables a user to control a cursor on the screen simply by looking. Tobii’s eye-tracking mechanisms are developed on the grounds that eye gazing is proven to be an effective way of pointing in every day human interaction. This intelligent eye-tracker is formed with tiny near-infrared micro-projections together with optical sensors and imaging processors. The micro-projections work to identify clear reflection patterns in the viewer’s eyes. Imaging processors then collect this information together to form an overall image of the user and their eyes before superior mathematical tools are used to measure the viewer’s eye position and gaze point.What about when you’re just blinking normally? Haier’s television is intelligent enough to recognize the difference between a normal, non-intentional blink and a deliberate one, meaning that you are unlikely to trigger anything unwanted on the screen whilst you are watching the television. With Tobii currently in the process of developing superior eye-controlled technology for cars which involves displaying options on the windscreen such as speed controls, music and temperature, controlled entirely by eye movement, the eyeballed controlled TV seems to only be the beginning .