Have Flying Cars Arrived?

As makers of premium impact protective cases which are specifically integrated with advanced technology, we love keeping tabs on the latest technological advancements. The idea to combine the designs of the car and plane has been around for centuries, with Henry Ford stating in 1940 that flying cars would come; “mark my words.” It has occurred to us that in comparison to the development of our communication, smartphone and tablet devices, our means of transportation doesn’t seem to have advanced in the same way. Until now. An intelligent combination of sense and avoid avionics together with advanced computer designing means that Teffugia, the leading developer of flying cars, has created a flying vehicle which is in the final stages of testing. The flying car holds a certificate which allows it to be test flown in unpopulated areas and is the only one of its kind to successfully meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.The flying car will be ready in 2014; You can reserve yours now.. Created with carbon fiber, Terrafugia’s flying car, The Transition®, converts from driving to flying in under a minute, and is built with wings which fold up against the side of the vehicle whilst it is ground bound. With a cruise speed of 100mph, this would be a much quicker way for everyone to get around. Now in the final stages of testing, Terragufia are accepting customer reservations for a $10,000 refundable deposit with the total retail price of the vehicle arriving at $280,000 (£173,000). Why would anyone want a flying car? Here are 5 good reasons why a flying car would be useful: 1.Our traffic records tell us that the average Brit spends 32 hours of their life a year stuck in traffic. 2.Combining the benefits of car and plane transportation means to oust the faults of both. 3.The Transition® means that you could travel at the convenience of doing what you want, when you want. 4.Perhaps this is a safer alternative to commercial flying, since this model gives the driver the opportunity to land and drive immediately in bad weather conditions. Complete with airbags, a scientifically tested modern glass cockpit and an additional parachute for added safety precautions, The Transition® fits comfortably in a regular garage; is the future here? 5.It would prevent the Tech21 team from getting stranded on Eel Pie Island at high tide. What do you think about the concept of a flying car? Would you buy one? Let us know what you think on Google+!