Pure Shimmer

Hard-hitting protection just got prettier with our Pure Shimmer range. Own a case that smooths over scratches and protects from drops in one fell swoop, all in one super-slim case with a little added sparkle thrown in for good measure. With germ-killing formulas for added protection and newly sourced plant-based materials for greater sustainability.


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  4. Galaxy S10 1 item
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  7. Galaxy Note9 1 item
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Clear Cases

Pure cases kills germs and protects against damage, 24/7. Super simple, ready for anything and environmentally friendly to boot.
  1. Pure Shimmer
    iPhone 11
  2. Pure Shimmer
    iPhone 11 Pro
  3. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy S10
  4. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy S10 Plus
  5. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy S10e
  6. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy Note9
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  7. Pure Shimmer
    iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus
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