The world’s first NFC keyboard case for Note10

Evo Type: Practical Phone Protection

In the wake of the new Evo Type release, we’re excited to explore all of the convenient elements our latest case has to offer. With a built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) smartphone wireless keyboard, this protective folio-style case frees up your screen and lets you type comfortably just about anywhere. Made with plant-based materials, users can get so much more from their device thanks to a tonne of additional features, including gesture controls and an integrated kickstand. Each and every feature aims to make life on the go so much easier, but the NFC keyboard, without a doubt, makes this case what it is.

It seems that every new device comes with a larger screen, making phones amazingly useful for way more than just calls and texts. Watching videos has never been easier, and with additions like our NFC wireless keyboard for smartphone users, working on documents can become a total breeze. But what exactly is NFC and more importantly, what makes it so great?

NFC can be compared in many ways to Bluetooth, perhaps its closest counterpart. Both allow wireless connections and have the ability to transfer data. But beyond this, there are some key differences, and we’re pleased to say that NFC takes the edge for a fair few reasons:

Get connected faster

NFC connects instantly, unlike Bluetooth which requires a longer setup. If your lifestyle can be a little on the hectic side, this will prove to be really beneficial, as NFC connects pretty much straight away. Bluetooth, on the other hand, requires a manual setup and can take a while, especially if there are various devices knocking around. For Evo Type users, this means that as soon as you power up your smartphone keyboard case, you’ll be able to get to work.

Thinner and Lighter

The NFC keyboard uses power from your device, but dont worry, as mentioned above it isn’t much. Because of this, theres no need for bulky batteries or annoying cables, resulting in an ultra-thin keyboard and lightweight case. Your phone will remain easy to handle and you’ll get so much more from your device, without having to deal with any extra bulk.

Less interference

NFC has a much shorter range of 10cm, as opposed to up to 10m for Bluetooth; meaning that you won’t have to deal with any interference from other devices. While Bluetooth is perhaps more commonly known and can establish connections from further away, you may be surprised to learn that this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re working on important documents. As NFC connections have shorter ranges, you’ll never receive interference from other devices, making it easier than ever to work on the go and more importantly, remain uninterrupted.

Enhance your device with NFC

So, in short, while Bluetooth may be the more prolific of the two, there’s so much more to NFC than meets the eye; particularly where the Evo Type is concerned. We’ve talked a lot about the keyboard, but could go on and on about all of the other amazing features too. While we’d love to keep chatting, we don’t want to keep you from checking them all out for yourself and discovering how the Evo Type makes working on the go so much easier.

Shop Evo Type now and get rock-solid protection with a whole load of convenience thrown in for good measure.