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Pure Shimmer

Hard-hitting protection just got prettier with our Pure Shimmer range. Own a case that smooths over scratches and protects from drops in one fell swoop, all in one super-slim case with a little added sparkle thrown in for good measure. With germ-killing formulas for added protection and newly sourced plant-based materials for greater sustainability.


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  1. iPhone 11 1 item
  2. iPhone 11 Pro 1 item
  3. iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus 1 item
  4. Galaxy S10 Plus 1 item
  5. Galaxy S10e 1 item
  6. Galaxy Note9 1 item
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Clear Cases

Pure cases kills germs and protects against damage, 24/7. Super simple, ready for anything and environmentally friendly to boot.
  1. Pure Shimmer
    iPhone 11
    A$37.46 A$49.95
  2. Pure Shimmer
    iPhone 11 Pro
    A$37.46 A$49.95
  3. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy S10 Plus
  4. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy S10e
    A$24.97 A$49.95
  5. Pure Shimmer
    Galaxy Note9
  6. Pure Shimmer
    iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus
    A$37.46 A$49.95
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6 Items

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