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Buy cheap iPad cases in Tech21’s Clearance Sale. We have a selection of models and colours to choose from and they’ve all been designed to offer incredible impact protection from even the toughest of treatment. Hurry, only available while stocks last. Can’t find your device? Check out our full selection of iPad cases. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about all our new products, deals and offers.

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Discounted iPad Cases

Tech21's Clearance iPad cases are designed to protect every element of these essential devices, no matter how much they're handled. Available in a selection of bright and bold colours, there's sure to be a case for you and your family. Stock is extremely limited, so grab yourself a new iPad case today.

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Due to their lightweight nature and innovative impact protection, Tech21's iPad cases are easy to pick up and move around. Many of them also have a built-in antimicrobial formula to keep things hygienically clean.