tech21 iPhone 12 cases are MagSafe compatible

From eco-friendly iPhone cases to our bestselling Evo selection, our iPhone 12 cases and iPhone 13 cases have proven a huge hit and we are ecstatic that so many of you are protecting your new device with Tech21.

However, there's been one question we've been asked many times and we are pleased to be able to provide a clear answer here: Do Tech21's MagSafe compatible cases reach the full power of the charger? The answer is YES!

A match made in heaven

As with all of our cases, we work with the manufacturer to ensure that every port, function and connection of a device works seamlessly once the tech21 case is attached. By working with Apple so closely and carrying out fit tests, we were able to design our range of cases around the important functionalities of an iPhone 12 - one of the key features being the MagSafe wireless charging accessory.

Turbo chargeable

We've ensured every case in our iPhone 12 range can reach the full 15w charge of a MagSafe charger. This means a tech21 case will not limit the power of your new iPhone 12 in any way... So not only can you rest assured your iPhone is fully protected by game-changing impact materials but that it also allows perfect connectivity.

Tech21's iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini cases are all MagSafe charger compatible.

What about iPhone 13?

We've just launched our selection of iPhone 13 cases and are delighted to confirm that every case in this range is also MagSafe compatible. We also have selected cases that are MagSafe integrated - meaning magnets are built into the case so that the connections work seamlessly with MagSafe chargers and accessories.

We believe that tech protection shouldn't disrupt any of the functions, features and connections of your device, so have designed iPhone 13 covers, iPhone 13 mini cases, iPhone 13 Pro cases and iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with this in mind.