Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold4 Tech21 phone cases

Following the success of Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3, Samsung have launched the latest devices in these bestselling ranges – and Tech21 has Z Flip4 cases and Z Fold4 cases to keep yours fully protected.

With a nostalgic touch, the physical structure of these devices will remind you of pre-smartphone days when social media was mainly static forums across the internet and the most exciting app was a game of Snake. But, of course, they’re made for the modern world with full 5G connection, a significantly more powerful camera and all kinds of other features – including a fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers and S Pen compatibility – that can help you plan your life.

Both our Z Flip 4 cases and Z Fold 4 cases come in two parts that can be snapped onto the device and secured with the strongest adhesive tape around. This means they offer all-round protection and will keep your device safe from damage, no matter how many times you drop it. In fact, we’ve tested them to ensure they protect from multiple drops up to the height of 12ft – that’s the average height of an African elephant!

Evo Clear is a completely clear case that stops yellowing and allows you to see Samsung’s original design in all its glory, while Evo Tint has a smart tinted finish that keeps scuffs and scratches at bay. Both devices offer deeper cut-outs around the camera lens so that you can always capture a memory and advanced antimicrobial technology built in to keep things clean.