Mother's Day tech gifts

It’s coming round to Mother’s Day and what better way to show how much you care about this special lady than with something that will help protect her most precious tech? From wallet cases to clear covers and AirPod cases, tech21 has you covered when it comes to gifts for your mother. Every mom is different, special and unique so get a gift that suits her lifestyle…

For the organised mother
Tech21 Evo Wallet phone case
Evo Wallet

How many of you have relied on your mother to keep you up to date with where you should be and when? From appointments to play dates and helping to get everyone sorted ahead of a major family event or holiday, Mom is always there to help. With pockets for two cards and a viewing stand so she can catch up on all her favorite films and TV, our Evo Wallet case is perfect for any mum who loves to keep organized. 

For the no-nonsense mother
Tech21 Evo Wallet case
Evo Clear

There are many mums who know exactly what they want and our Evo Clear case definitely reflects this refreshingly open and honest attitude. Made with UV-reducing materials to avoid unsightly yellowing and discoloring, this crystal clear phone case will help your mum – and all her friends - admire the original colors and design of her device. It’s been designed to keep a camera safe while its bumpers absorb any impact from accidental drops. 

For the mother with messy toddlers
Tech21 Evo Check case
Evo Check

If you know a mum or grandmother with little children, you’ll know just how much they love to grab their phone and play with it like it’s their favorite new toy. Unfortunately, they won’t be treating it with the care it deserves and we all know how sticky and icky toddlers’ hands can be. As well as premium drop protection, our Evo Check case has a hygienic formula embedded in the case that keeps it clean by reducing harmful microbes by up to 99.99% in just 24 hours.

For the superstar mother
Tech21 Evo Sparkle phone case
Evo Sparkle

If your mum is the shining light in your life, she’s going to love Evo Sparkle and its super shimmer. It’s an iridescent phone case with a microdot pattern that offers a holographic effect that truly does sparkle. It also offers the same levels of hygienic and impact protection you’ve come to expect from tech21 – meaning your mother can rest assured her phone will survive multiple drops.

For the eco-aware mother
Tech21 Eco Art phone cases
Eco Slim/Eco Art/ReCovrd

Is your mother doing her bit to save the environment? If so, she’ll love one of our environmentally friendly phone cases. Eco Slim is a 100% biodegradable case with a soft back and cool color selection, while Eco Art features exclusive artwork by tech21 and independent artists that reflects contemporary trends. We also have ReCovrd – a recycled phone case made entirely of used, returned and excess tech21 materials. 

For the fitness-obsessed mother
Tech21 AirPods case

If your mother enjoys going to the gym or for long walks or runs, then she’ll definitely appreciate receiving one of our bright and bold AirPod cases. These cases have a hygienic coating to reduce microbes and offer perfect protection for this tiniest of tech. They’re available in a range of colors to suit her taste as well. 

Make this Mother’s Day extra special with protection from Tech21.