Tech21 thin phone cases for Independence Day

We all know that the 4th July is a day full of fireworks and celebration as the United States of America commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence way back in 1776. With parties, concerts, carnivals, fairs and barbecues all taking place over this period to celebrate US citizens’ freedom, you’re going to want to take plenty of photos of all these special memories.

But one thing you won’t want to be is weighed down by heavy cases – and this is where Tech21 comes in. We have a selection of lightweight phone cases that won’t weigh you down while you flip the burgers or stare up at the sky…

Our Evo Lite cases may be made from lightweight materials but they’re no less protective – in fact, they’re 54% more efficient at absorbing impact energy than the bestselling equivalent cases from our competitors (we’re more than happy to share the results of our Evo Lite competitor testing). We design these cases with everyday events in mind – and yes, that does include America’s National Day. We know so many dads will be in their shorts and mums will be wanting to travel light so why add any extra bulk?

Our Evo Lite and Evo Slim cases also come in a wide range of colours that add some boldness to your device. We have a bright blue edition to show your pride in the US flag and plenty of other bright colours on offer.

Here are some other top tips for ensuring your Independence Day goes off with plenty of smiles and no stress:

Preparation is key

If you’re hosting the barbecue, get the food and drink in well in advance and ensure there’s enough to go around.

Plan your day out

Heading out to a theme park or local fair? It’s bound to be busy so plan accordingly. Will you leave early to beat the traffic rush or are you willing to forgo some rides so that you can make the most of your tie.

Safety first when it comes to fireworks displays

If you’re putting on your own display, keep everything as safe as possible and all your guests at a distance. If you’re going to a professional display, make sure your pets and nervous children are fully prepared for the loud noises and bangs.

Keep your essentials protected

We’ve all been there with people getting into the party spirit and having one too many drinks and then – BANG! – those priceless valuables end up on the floor in pieces, swiftly followed by tears and countless apologies.

Tech21 can’t help protect everything in your home but we do have MacBook cases and iPad cases that are ready for the toughest of treatment. Grab yours today and prepare to celebrate Independence Day in style – and why not pick up another phone case while you’re at it?