Galaxy S8 Case Review with Zollotech

We sent the Pure Clear and Evo Tactical for the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus for tech reviewer, Zollotech, to do a hands on review and give us his honest opinion.  With a phone as innovative and uniquely designed as the S8/S8 Plus, Zollotech wanted a case that offered ultimate protection without covering no detracting from the beauty of the infinity display.

That's exactly what the Pure Clear offers for this device. With our patiened material, BulletShield, that absorbs impact upon drops preventing it to pass through your phone. Zollotech was happy to see that with this lightweight and flexible material, the case offers advanced protection without interfering with the infinity screen of the phone.

Watch the full review of both the Pure Clear and Evo Tactical from Zollotech. 

Make sure you provide your new Galaxy device with the best in protection. Shop the Pure Clear for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and Evo Tactical for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.