What is Google Glass? And has Lenovo Just Invented a Rival Product?

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  • Lenovo has recently showcased what it hopes to be the future rival of Google Glass. Yet to be given a name, the new piece of wearable tech intends to overcome Google Glass’s issue of a short battery life.

  • The new technology will feature a separate battery power device which the user can wear around the back of the neck, supplying the piece of technology.
  • A key focus of the development of Lenovo’s Google Glass competitor is NBD, a unique system built to connect devices together.
  • NBD is specifically designed to conquer the present issue of companies developing lots of different electronic devices, but there being no platform on which to connect and use these devices together.
  • The NBD system works on Lenovo’s new smart glasses, as well as another device currently being developed called Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. NBD also works on an air purifier which can be controlled with a mobile app.

Do you think Lenovo’s NBD running smart glasses could be a potential rival for Google Glass?