What are the benefits of "Sky Go" App for Android?


Tech21 hear the latest from Phil Chappell, Senior Editor at Sky TV, on Sky Go apps, latest projects and what’s in store for the future.

What’s your role at the Sky TV Studios? 

I’m an Editor at Sky; I work in the post-production area and edit various different promos or inserts for programs and sometimes the raw programs themselves. No day is the same and my work is extremely varied. Lots of the time I work on sport material, another time I may work on movie review content. The producer outlines how long the piece needs to be, what it needs to look like and what it needs to portray. He then can supply raw material which I polish and edit together to make it look good and ready to be broadcast.

Sky have recently launched the “Sky Go” app for Android devices – why is this app so useful and what are its features? 

The Sky Go app is hugely convenient because it’s like having your television on your computer or mobile device. This means that you can watch any program on your phone, computer or tablet, wherever you are. The app allows you to access your Sky package remotely; you can access box sets, catch up and movies wherever you are, providing you have internet connection.

Our Sky + app also allows one to use their device to control the TV at home remotely. If you’re out and remember something that you want to record for example, you can simply use the app to set a recording on your box at home!

Are there plans for the release of any new apps? 

We’ve already got 10 Sky television apps which can be found on our website – so there’s no doubt that we’ll have some more useful stuff coming out soon.

Any exciting new releases that you can let us in on? 

We’ve got a brand new quiz series coming out at the end of this month called Duck Quacks Don’t Echo which is making its debut on Sky One HD...