Ware is He? The River Rhine!

Chris Ware with Impactology

Last week Chris Ware reported his arrival in to Rotterdam from his Impactology protected iPad Mini. Since then he’s cycled to Arnhem in Holland and across Germany! Luckily Impactology has him covered on his once in a lifetime adventure.

After cycling from London to Rotterdam, Chris continued on to Arnhem in Holland before arriving at Oberhausen, Cologne, Koblenz and Mainz in Germany along the river Rhine.

Throughout his journey Chris will be “couch surfing” at night via an online website where users can login and meet each other to either host travellers or in Chris’s case, find somewhere to sleep.

Chris Ware with Impactology

The Rhine, taken with Impactology protected iPad Mini

So far on his journey from London to Istanbul Chris has stayed with a tax advisor, a child psychologist, someone who worked at a pharmacy, a banker, a ship mechanic and a psychology student. The weather for his cycle has been beautiful with occasional head winds.

In Arnhem Chris visited an open air museum where they had relocated windmills and barns from all over Holland. In Cologne he enjoyed a traditional meal of raw mincemeat on Mettbrötchen, a local bread and discovered that the pub would only stop giving you more beer when you place your beer mat over your glass to indicate that you’ve finished!

Chris has informed us that he’s only cycled 227 miles this week and will need to increase this to 300 miles a week in order to catch the flight he has already book from Istanbul back to the UK! Stay tuned for further updates on Chris and his brave cycle, provided to us by his Impactology protected iPad Mini.

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