Ware is He? Chris Ware touches base with Tech21 HQ for latest travel update!

Chris Ware with Impactology

Chris has continued on his incredible journey across Europe with an Impactology™ protected iPad Mini as his only lifeline! He's loving our Impact Mesh case for iPad Mini which has protected his tablet from numerous bumps and knocks along the way.

His journey from Passau has since taken him through Austria, where he stayed in Wels and was given lots of Austrian schnapps by his host who has done the famous Camino trail across Spain which takes between 30 – 40 days. Some people go back year after year to complete it.

Chris’s next stop was Loosdorf where he managed to secure a last minute host. From there he reached Vienna where he took a day’s rest and met up with old next door neighbour, Duncan Smith who is now a successful travel writer. Duncan took him on a fabulous tour of Vienna before he moved on to stay with a lady who had just returned from working in Afghanistan for 2 years as a peace worker.

Chris Ware with Impactology

The Church at Esztergom, sent from Chris's Impactology protected iPad Mini

From Vienna Chris cycled on to Hungary and reached Gyor before he arrived at Esztergom where he currently is now.

Ware will he be next? Stay tuned here at the Tech21 Blog!