Ware is He? Chris Ware Cycles from London to Istanbul

Cycle from London to Istanbul

On Tuesday 25th March UK everyman Chris Ware set off on his cycle from London to Istanbul. Now 2 days in he’s made it to Rotterdam, chatting to Tech21 about his adventures so far via his Impactology protected iPad lifeline.

Storms Ahead

During the first two days of his journey Chris faced a hailstorm, topped off with an almost constant head wind; a challenging start. Nevertheless he’s made it to Rotterdam cycling around 50 miles a day so far. Having now arrived in Rotterdam, Chris reports that he’s enjoying the “incredible” Dutch cycle paths which make coasting through Rotterdam a joy.

We thought Chris was pretty brave in deciding to cycle from London to Rotterdam but on the ferry he met a man who was cycling to New Zealand!

Protected by Tech21 Impactology™

Whatever challenges Chris is yet to face, his Impactology protected iPad Mini remains to be his only contact with us and the rest of the big wide world.

Stay tuned at the Tech21 Blog to hear the latest on Chris Ware’s location, antics and adventures sent to us from his Impactology™ protected lifeline!