Ware is He? Chris Ware cycles from London to Istanbul with Impactology Protected Lifeline


UK cyclist Chris Ware has left his job, and soon his home in our London city, to embark on an estimated 7 week cycle to Istanbul during which he will “couch surf” in strangers homes across Europe. Luckily we’ve provided him with an Impactology protected iPad to help him on his way.

We catch up with Chris to find out more about where his idea to cycle to Istanbul came from and why he decided on the adventure.

Biography: Chris Ware

Age: 28

Hobbies and Interests: Drinking beer, chatting politics, travelling, meeting new people, playing football, NFL, Green Bay Packers and Sheffield Wednesday.

Where did you get the idea to cycle from London to Istanbul?

I’ve spoken to a friend before about doing a cycle ride – It was a dream to cycle to India but this of course was not practical. I began to look in to something more realistic; a manageable challenge. When I Googled the cycling route to Istanbul it was clear that this is a journey many people have done.

Why did you decide to do the cycle ride?

I like a sense of adventure and there’s no time like the present. I currently have no family responsibilities and I’m fit and able – I also think that risk taking puts one in a good place. I’d like to get out of London for a change and rely on the generosity of others to allow me to see the world. I’m also doing the cycle ride for charity.

Which charity have you chosen to support and why?

I’m supporting the Bethany Village Leprosy Society (BVLS). I’ve experienced the issues that they address first hand when I was in India in 2002. The charity focus on providing employment opportunities so that victims of leprosy are not forced to beg for a living. As a result of the support that BVLS has already received, it’s been possible for the children of such victims to be sent to university and build a career with the view that they return back to the community to help – the aim is to create a self-sufficient system.

What are you looking forward to the most about your journey?

I’m excited to meet different people and experience new cultures. I’m also looking forward to seeing some incredible landscape views along the way.

How long will it take you to cycle from London to Istanbul?

I’ve planned for it to take 7 weeks for me to cycle there, at 60 miles a day with 2 days off a week. I plan to spend a week in Istanbul with my parents meeting me there for a holiday. I’ve booked a flight for 20th May so that I have a deadline to aim for.

What preparation have you done for the cycle?

I’ve been cycling all around London, to and from football for 5 miles each way and completed 45 miles cycling last week.

Chris’s thoughts can be found on his blog along with other details of his cycling preparation before he hits the road for Istanbul tomorrow. Stay tuned at the Tech21 Blog for location updates and interviews about his latest cycling antics.