Ware is He? Chris Ware arrives safely in Belgrade, with Impactology™!

Cycle from London to Istanbul

Chris Ware has embarked on a brave journey – to cycle from London to Istanbul alone with nothing but an Impactology™ protected iPad Mini as his lifeline…

Since his last travel update, Chris has passed through Budapest and made his way from there to Romania where he found many of the villages were made completely of mud and straw. He stayed at a charity he worked at 10 years ago and also had a night in Timisoara with a lovely host.

The road out of Romania was long and tough, with a strong headwind and after a long detour Chris managed to get to Serbia for the night before arriving in Belgrade, with iPad Mini still intact!

He arrived as the new government was announcing its ministers, which his host, a singer of the main choir in Serbia, was meant to be performing at but decided to host him instead!