Using the Samsung Galaxy S9 for.... Karate?

Did you catch our favorite Influencers playing with the new Samsung Galaxy S9? Drop After Drop, these phones were put to the test with another #DropMoreCareLess challenge. Luckily, with a tech21 Samsung Galaxy S9 Case, no phones were harmed in the making of these videos. Let’s take a closer look:

Chad Wild Clay put his new S9 through the paces: karate-chopping wood, playing phone-pong, throwing ninja stars, shooting pool, and more! Catch the action here:

Next we visit Australia, where the boys from How Ridiculous take things to the next level in the #DropMoreCareLess challenge--basketball style. How many trick shots can they make?

Can I get your number? BigDawsTV puts his heart (and phone-safety) on the line in this hilarious romcom. Will it be a broken heart or a broken phone?

Trust-Fall famous Jahannah James finds out if she can trust her phone case as much as she trusts her friends. Would you?

There you have it! #DropAfterDrop, tech21 phone cases will protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 every time, even with your most outrageous drops. Tweet us with the craziest way your phone has dropped!