The UK's Most Spectacular Eclipse in 15 Years


We love anything to do with science! In a rare alignment of the Moon passing between the Earth and the Sun, the Moon will block out the vast majority of light coming from the sun in the UK at around 8.40am on the morning of March 20th 2015.

Best Views in Scotland

The best views of this unusual eclipse will be in Scotland where over 98% of the Sun will be covered. At Tech21's office in London, 85% of the sun will be covered.

Tomorrow morning, the tech21 office will be surrounded by an eerie darkness...

Eclipse will last for just over an hour

The full eclipse in London will take place at 9.30am and will finish at around 10.40am when the Moon passes in-front of the Sun and releases the light.

British Solar Powered Systems will Halve

Our skies will be filled with an eerie darkness during this time, and there are fears that power supplies in Britain could be affected, with the National Grid warning that solar powered systems in Britain will naturally halve throughout the duration of the eclipse.


This eclipse will be a particularly spectacular one because tomorrow morning will be the closest that the Moon has been to our planet in 18 and a half years.