Travel Bloggers Explore with Evo Aqua

Whether you are jetting off to Dumbai or snowboarding the Alps, Evo Aqua for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus provides you with the protection your phone needs to enjoy the moments that matter.

Here are the accounts of 4 travel bloggers that used the Evo Aqua in amazing, yet unforgiving, environments.

Philip Leclerc is a videographer that's always trying to get that perfect shot. Having his iPhone 7 in a waterproof case let's him do just that, weather it's in beautiful, beachy San Diego, or snowball fights with the fam.

"Knowing my phone was completely safe gives a sense of freedom to focus more on the real life moments that matter most - regardless of the environments."

Follow @philipleclerc and @NewAmericanDreamers for more of his awesome footage!

Pit Stop For Kids took Evo Aqua to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, a ski resort known for creating its own weather system due it its large, volcanic peak.

"We then tested the Aqua in the snow, retrieving it from the protection of a ski jacket pocket often to take photos, take video while skiing, and take a few tumbles. We even dropped it from the ski chair!"

Check out Pit Stop For Kids trip to Mt. Bachelor with Evo Aqua!

Mommy/travel blogger, La Jolla Mom, won't hit up the beach at La Jolla Cove without her Evo Aqua in hand.

"The case completely covers the phone without too much bulk, leaving the touch screen easy to use...then there are the often-slippery rocks and puddles surrounding my favorite flippered photo subjects. It’s very, very easy to drop a phone over here".

But that doesn't stop La Jolla Mom from snapping those Instagram-worthy pics! Check La Jolla Mom's 6 Ways to Make Your iPhone Beach Ready!  Just in time for Spring!

What's your next adventure? Make sure you have Evo Aqua for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ before you set out on your journey.